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Harvesting the Natural Intelligence

from the Sea

Kelwell is a capsule filled with superfine golden brown seaweed powder called Ecklonia Maxima. Ecklonia Maxima, the golden brown seaweed indigenous to the West Coast of South Africa is bursting with the goodness of the ocean! Kelwell capsules contain an excellent source of iodine that is used as a dietary supplement.

The seaweed powder in the capsule is easily assimilated, and by taking Kelwell every day you will find a reduction in fluid retention, increased metabolic rate and automatic weight loss. Our seaweed contains amino acids as well as a list of proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, all essential elements to maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune system. The South African West Coast is one of the most unpolluted and pristine coastlines in the world.

Here in the strong, oxygen-rich wave action of the sun-drenched Atlantic surf zone, forests of Ecklonia Maxima thrive as they are continually nourished by the cold, mineral rich, Antarctic waters of the Benguela current. According to the phases of the moon, this living seaweed is hand harvested by divers and then rapidly transported to the factory where it is washed, sun-dried and then milled.

PURE and NATURAL – Straight from the sea to you.

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KELWELL– The Essential Life Support Supplement