I have been taking Kelwell now for 6 months. For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from terrible blackheads all over my shoulders, neck and back. After the first month of taking Kelwell I noticed a vast improvement in my skin condition in these areas. My skin is now clear and smooth and I feel a lot more confident than before I started taking Kelwell.

Since I was a young boy I also always got cold sores. They can be extremely painful and unattractive! I am so pleased as I haven’t even got one since I started taking Kelwell. The Kelp actually helps to kill the Herpes virus which causes the cold sores.

I can honestly say that Kelwell has had a huge impact on me and I recommend it to anyone who has a skin condition or is looking for a supplement for general wellbeing. My immune system is stronger than ever and I have never felt healthier and more energetic in all my life!

The only problem I have with Kelwell is that I’m too afraid to stop taking it! People will only know what I mean when they start taking Kelwell. Thanks for the product, it’s worked wonders!