Kelwell has turned into a life-long commitment for me. My first bottle of Kelwell was bought in an act of desperation as I needed a product which could fulfil all my needs without breaking the bank. I was looking for a safe and natural alternative to all the other medications I had to use to effectively manage my various issues. After using many different products for weight loss and IBS management with little or no results I quite accidentally stumbled across Kelwell. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I purchased my first bottle. That was a year and a half ago. After 3 weeks I realised that I could never go back. Kelwell became the spring in my step, the easy fit of skinny jeans, the glow in my cheeks and the sparkle in my eyes. To move from happy client to Kelwell rep was an easy decision. I needed to share this with my friends, family and anyone else out there who were in need of a healthy change. This secret was too good not to share. Over the last year I have seen so many clients change from tired, sluggish, overweight and unhappy people to bright-eyed, enthusiastic and skinnier versions of their former selves. Many of my clients have become good friends – and we share one very important thing. Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, easily and affordably brought to us by Kelwell.” – Jeanne Barnard, KZN South Coast Representative.