I have been using Kelwell for a little over a month now. What I can say about this product is it is FANTASTIC! I had been suffering with major hair loss, my nails were very weak and I had been so depressed and was even prepared to cut all my hair off just because I couldn’t bare the hair loss any longer. My hair has now become stronger, and the hair loss although still quite a bit is considerably less. I can actually brush my hair without feeling nervous, my nails are very healthy and my energy levels have doubled! As a mom of 4 I always felt tired and now I have energy!!!! The best part about this product is that I haven’t had any side effects which is a bonus. I can’t tell you how much I have lost because I don’t own a scale, but my clothes feel looser and I just bought a smaller size pants. I am very happy with the product and hope that other women and men will try it because you have nothing to lose except the weight.