I want to tell you about the weight loss I got with KELWELL! So far I have lost 28kg’s. I have tried a lot of products in the past but they made me feel sick so I had to stop taking them and ended up just wasting money. Kelwell helped me to make a change in my life and get rid of all the weight I put on over the years. It really feels great to be on Kelwell and I am feeling very healthy. Must say a positive mind set also helps a lot. Thinking about what you eat is also important! My age is against me and sometimes it feels like a dream with my clothes falling off and changes in my body shape! I feel good and find it interesting to see the changes in my body. Sometimes when I look at my body, hands and face it does not look the same! People I know can also see the weight loss and I get compliments everywhere I go! I also have more energy and I get stuff done faster, leaving me more time to do the things I love like sketching and painting. The bonus was when I tried on a pair of jeans I have kept all these years – a pair I wore when my Husband and I were still dating and it feels GREAT that they fit me again! I highly recommend this product! It really works and I am the proof! – Michelle Engelbrecht, Welkom.